Tentukan 1 2x 2 3 Untuk X Bilangan Real

Tentukan 1 2x 2 3 Untuk X Bilangan Real

TechRadar Verdict

A well congenital and designed budget smartphone that shows off some of the best of Nokia. It’s let down by weak performance, but at the correct price information technology’s a strong offering despite an uncertain future.


  • +

    Potent build quality

  • +

    Low price

  • +

    Dual SIM flexibility


  • Weak performance

  • Dim brandish

  • Poor bombardment endurance

E’er since Nokia decided to go all-in with Windows Phone, at that place has been a nagging feeling that it would accept been better off using Android every bit its mobile operating system of choice.

A feeling that has got stronger every bit Android devices take then apace taken over the lion’southward share of smartphone sales.

At Mobile Web Congress in February 2014, Nokia finally fulfilled this dream by announcing the Nokia X range comprising the Nokia X (reviewed hither), a higher specified X+ and the physically larger Nokia XL. Not just one Android phone, but a whole range.

There was more than than a little irony in seeing Stephen Elop, one time a Microsoft stalwart and the architect of Nokia’s Windows Phone strategy announcing these new devices on phase. He went to great pains to point out that the Nokia 10 is a telephone running AOSP, the Android Open Source Project.

This projection underpins every Android phone in the world. Equally ever in the Nokia story, it is not quite as simple as that. While the Nokia X runs Android, it does non run Google Android.

Briefly, Android equally we know it is typically made of two parts; the underlying Android organization and the Google apps. The underlying Android arrangement is what the Nokia Ten runs forth with all the usual well known Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S range and the HTC I M8.

Unlike those devices though, the Nokia 10 does not run Google apps. In order to run Google apps – Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Google Now etc – phones need to be certified. Nokia has not taken this step and it has done so on purpose.

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The Nokia Ten software is based off of Android iv.1, a version released in July 2012. There is and so far no information on updates but we tin can only hope Android 4.4 is planned as that version is designed to run on lower end hardware.

Nokia has designed the X to use the equivalent services from itself and from Microsoft, and Nokia has provided an API for everything that Google provides significant that developers should be able to port apps quite easily.

This makes the Nokia X an Android telephone by proper noun, but i that would perchance be unfamiliar to those already used to running Android on other mainstream devices. If yous are thinking of switching to the Nokia X from some other Android device, it is almost important to notation that the Play Store is not available.

Nokia X

It is possible to side-load any legally obtainable apps including other app stores such as the Amazon app store, but fifty-fifty that wont bring Google services to the Nokia Ten.

Who would have imagined a Microsoft product running Android? Information technology does seem like an bibelot, and past the looks of it that’s exactly what the Nokia X volition be – an anomaly.

Microsoft has announced that it volition be ditching its Android plans altogether, leaving just iv Nokia branded handsets running the heavily modified version of Google’due south platform – the Ten, X+, Forty and X2.

Moving on from this muted outlook, what practise you lot get on the Nokia X? The standout software included are Nokia HERE Maps, a fantastic alternative to Google apps, and Nokia MixRadio which is a great mode to stream your favorite music on need.

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Instead of the Play Shop you lot will observe the Nokia Store, which is already starting to fill out with many peak apps. Nokia include Facebook and Twitter apps along with BlackBerry Messenger every bit standard. Various simple games are loaded on the X besides. All these apps run on a heavily customised version of Android 4.one.

Nokia X review

Powering the Nokia 10 is a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Play processor running at 1GHz with 512Mb of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, which can be supplemented by a microSD menu. The 10 has a 4-inch WVGA (800 10 480) LCD display and a fixed focus 3MP camera on the back. At that place’southward no front end facing shooter.

These are very pocket-size specs indeed and that does end upwards informing the whole feel of using the Nokia X.

What makes up for that is the cost, the range starts at just €89, £80 (around $120, AU$135). This is a phone targeted at emerging markets, at people who are buying their beginning smartphone and perhaps their first phone. Some buyers of the Nokia 10 volition have never bought whatever sort of calculating device before.

Nokia has brought the X range to Europe, including the United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, but it has been clearly designed to supersede the top end of Nokia’s Asha range of phones. The Asha range is filled with very nicely designed just irksome and elementary characteristic phones, which have very limited capabilities.

Nokia X review

The Nokia X is a decent footstep upward from an Asha device and has the potential to practise a lot more than. Here in the U.k., other reasonable smartphones are bachelor for a like cost as the X simply in its outset market, India, this is non the case. Phones at a similar cost point suffer from extremely bad pattern and build quality and very poor performance.

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Despite the meager specifications and just a 1500mAh battery, the Nokia X provides a reasonable upgrade for users in these emerging markets who are upgrading from either feature phones or locally produced budget handsets which simply will not take Nokia’due south level of design and build.

When yous pull the rear shell off the Nokia X model information technology is possible to see another indicator as to the target markets for this new range. The Nokia Ten is a dual SIM device.

In many other markets, the all-time value for cellular connectivity is achieved by separating your contracts for voice usage and data usage, which mandates two SIM cards. It’southward like running your calls through Vodafone and your data through T-Mobile.

Nokia X review

On the 10, the dual SIM setup supports dual standby that ways both SIM cards can be agile at the aforementioned time. Only slot one supports 3G connections, so that is where you will want to put your data SIM. Both slots are of the micro SIM variety. There is no 4G in sight here, but that is inappreciably a surprise.

The X range comes in a lovely range of colours with the basic Ten is available in black, white, cyan, yellow, bright carmine and the brilliant green, which is especially hitting. The slightly college spec 10+ shares the same palette while the larger XL swaps the red for an even nicer orange colour.

Nokia has done what Nokia always seems to do at the budget end of its range. It has designed and congenital a phone that looks and feels more expensive than it is, something Nokia practice not get enough plaudits for.

Tentukan 1 2x 2 3 Untuk X Bilangan Real

Source: https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/phones/mobile-phones/nokia-x-1227006/review

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