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fifteen All-time Things to Do in Guntersville, AL

lake Guntersville, AL
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“Sugariness Home Alabama” —nada beats this phrase in describing what southern hospitality and culture are.

However, Alabama is across its country music, unique culture, southern hospitality, and southern culinary excellence.

For instance, it’s also the habitation of ane of the best college football teams in the country, the Alabama Crimson Tide, and the abode of U.Southward Space and Rocket Center.

All of these make Alabama 1 of the nearly popular travel destinations in the land.

But if y’all’re looking way beyond this state’s mainstream attractions, head to Marshal County’s Guntersville City.

Guntersville is a one-and-a-half-60 minutes drive due north of Birmingham and a three-hr drive north of Montgomery.

It’s nearest Huntsville, with less than an hour’south drive southeast.

Guntersville has a population of around 8,000 people, and this city is widely known for its majestic Lake Guntersville.

Furthermore, the city has a beautiful civilization, succulent food, and a vibrant art community that makes upwardly about of what Alabama is all about.

Here are the fifteen best things to do in Guntersville, AL:

Walk Through Guntersville’s History at the Guntersville Museum and Cultural Center

Congenital in 1936, the museum was in one case a armed forces armory for the 167th Infantry Segmentation’due south Company E.

The Guntersville Museum today now serves as an important historical landmark in the metropolis’southward cultural commune.

What makes this landmark even more than fascinating is its architecture and the stone used to construct information technology.

The builders utilized crude limestone, giving the museum a distinct medieval and brutalist architectural blueprint.

Furthermore, information technology’s nestled on a hilltop covered with copse adjacent to the city’due south public library and overlooks the famous Whole Backstage Customs Theater.

Bated from browsing through Guntersville’south history, you can also score slap-up finds at its gift shop.

To visit Guntersville Museum, information technology is at 1215 Rayburn Ave, Guntersville, AL.

The museum opens up from 10 am to four pm but is closed on Mondays.

Set an Outdoor Adventure at the Lake Guntersville State Park

Being the largest lake in Alabama, Lake Guntersville State Park gives y’all an outdoor adventure you haven’t experienced before.

Your visit to Guntersville won’t be complete without spending a day at Lake Guntersville State Park.

Of course, its main attraction is the lake, only on its shores, you can choose dozens of outdoor activities to do, both on land and water.

If you desire to relax and, in the mood to get out to fish, head to the lake, and hire a boat, maybe you can take hold of some giant catfish or bass, the most mutual species establish there.

Or peradventure, hike or bike around the 36-mile trail in the park or swim on the lake’due south embankment area.

Furthermore, y’all can spend your day spotting the majestic bald eagles flight freely in the park’due south nature preserve.

Moreover, the park has numerous resorts, hotels, and restaurants for your convenience.

To visit the park, head to 24 State Campground Rd.

The park’s schedule varies differently, so information technology would be amend to check its website.

Experience Culinary Excellence at Sometime Boondocks Stock House

Crystal McKone, a proud daughter of Guntersville, honed her culinary skills at the University of Alabama and proceeded to perfect her craft at the International Culinary Center.

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After years of experience in the hospitality industry, she decided to come up back home and open her eating house, the Old Town Stock House.

Y’all should dine at this restaurant if you lot want to experience southern-style cuisine infused with modernistic culinary techniques that take the food experience to some other level.

The restaurant’southward menu mainly focuses on meats and seafood.

Bated from its delectable nutrient items, the restaurant’s edifice is already more than a century erstwhile.

Information technology’due south one of the oldest buildings in Guntersville.

The edifice was the old storage facility of the Rexall Drugstore, built back in 1901.

McKone, who wants to incorporate a cornball experience into her guests, converted the facility into a eating place and knitted vintage design that hints at the city’southward history.

To dine at the Old Boondocks, Stock House is at 410 Onetime Boondocks Street, Guntersville, AL.

They start serving guests from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Sentry the Whole Backstage Theatre Perform

For almost half a century, the famous Whole Backstage Theatre has put smiles on locals’ and visitors’ faces with countless entertaining performances.

The grouping, a non-profit organization comprised primarily of volunteers, regularly holds theater performances in Guntersville and around Marshall County.

Most of their shows and performances are family-oriented based on popular flicks and other Broadway masterpieces.

Furthermore, they have theater camps for immature aspiring performers in Guntersville.

Visit their official website to learn more about their upcoming performances, i-night-but specials, and musical concerts.

Or perhaps, visit the theater at 1120 Rayburn Ave, Guntersville, AL.

Go Fishing at the Boondocks Creek Line-fishing Center

The Town Creek Fishing Center is operating in Lake Guntersville.

It’s the perfect place to explore the lake and its surroundings or participate in several outdoor activities, specifically line-fishing activities.

Also, the Boondocks Creek Line-fishing Eye offers outdoor activities on land like hiking, biking, and horseback riding along the park’southward trails.

If you, unfortunately, left your fishing equipment at home, don’t worry. They have a dockside store with all the needed fishing supplies available.

To visit the Town Creek Fishing Center, it is at 11868 AL-227, Guntersville, AL.

They welcome guests from 8 am to four pm daily.

Dig Into Delicious Seafood at Tiptop O’ The River

The Top O’ The River, a eating house in Guntersville, had come up a very long way from its humble beginnings back in 1982.

Today, it’southward one of the well-nigh well-known restaurants in the Southeast for fresh seafood and catfish.

All of their mouthwatering seafood items on the menu are prepared and cooked fresh daily.

They are widely known for their secret recipe that mainly focuses on Cajun tradition.

This family-owned eating house has become an integral function of Marshall County and Guntersville.

It’s where locals love to celebrate special occasions.

Their farm-raised catfish is the near pop menu item cooked in unlike recipes, while their seafood comes from the Mississippi River’s freshwater.

To dine at this famous Alabama restaurant, it’s at 7004 Val Monte Dr, Guntersville, AL.

Their business hours differ, so kindly check their website.

Celebrate Art and Civilization at the Annual Art of the Lake Festival

This annual festival happening every April is already in its 61st yr.

It’due south 1 of Alabama’south most significant arts festivals wherein local artists, and those from other parts of Marshall Canton gather together to display their passion for art.

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There are musical performances, outdoor galleries, and beautiful exhibits throughout the festival that lasts for around two to iii days.

It’south a recommended action to do in Guntersville because of its one-of-a-kind feel involving arts and culture.

Plus, the venue commonly takes identify beside the picturesque view of Lake Guntersville.

You lot can buy dissimilar artworks from painting, pottery, and weaving handicrafts that artists uniquely manufacture.

Get Into Activity at the Screaming Hawkeye

Lake Guntersville State Park is teeming with outdoor activities, and 1 of the best places to engage in such activities is the Screaming Eagle.

The place is an outdoor recreational center for the entire family unit to savor.

The primary attraction of Screaming Eagle is its numerous ziplines which accept varying distances and heights.

1 of their ziplines has a 2,100 feet distance and is around 200 anxiety high.

The place likewise has several suspension bridges to cross and other outdoor activities yous tin enjoy.

To visit the Screaming Eagle, it is at 1155 Lodge Dr, Guntersville, AL.

They open their facility from 9:30 am to five pm.

Taste Southern Way Food at Stone House Eatery

The Rock House Eating place is a proudly family-owned business widely known in Guntersville to serve southern-style food most innovatively.

Opened in 2009, the restaurant became one of the best places for food in Guntersville considering of their Southern gourmet dishes cooked and prepared freshly.

If you want to have a satisfying gastronomic experience, this is your go-to place.

The eating place is famous for its roast beef sub, steak, and other southern cuisine favorites.

In addition, they besides serve Italian food such as pizza and pasta that you tin pair with their craft beer on tap.

To endeavour their delicious food, the restaurant is at 1201 Gunter Ave, Guntersville, AL.

Their business hours differ, so kindly visit their website or social media pages.

Play Golf game at the Gunter’s Landing

Gunter’s Landing is Guntersville’s nigh famous golf game course.

Information technology has eighteen excellently crafted holes that offering you different levels of difficulty from moderate to accelerate.

The manicured golf game course offers you a scenic view of its surroundings of forests and green vegetation.

If yous’re staying longer in Guntersville, visiting this golf form should exist on your itinerary.

Swim at its 2,500 square foot pond pool or play at its lawn tennis court.

Or perhaps have a relaxing stroll at its walking trail beside Lake Guntersville.

The golf course is at 1000 Gunter’s Landing Route, Guntersville, AL

The golf course and its lodge are open from 7 in the morning until 6 pm daily.

Catch a Mug of Excellent Craft Beer at Main Channel Brewery

The Primary Aqueduct Brewery serves as the outset craft brewery in Marshall County.

Its taproom is a trendy place to visit for excellent and freshly brewed arts and crafts beer that yous can enjoy while chilling beside the cute Lake Guntersville.

The Chief Channel Brewery offers various selection and seasonal offerings, making them a oasis for beer lovers.

To visit this brewery, it is at 2090 Gunter Ave, Guntersville, AL.

They open their taproom from two pm to 8 pm daily.

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Munch Fresh Crawfish and Seafood at Crawmama’s

This family-owned business that started operating in 1987 is at present a food institution in northern Alabama.

This famous seafood eating house owner, Charlotte Webb, started it as a 12-seater oyster bar formerly named “Crawdaddy’s.”

She never thought that her humble business organisation would grow big over the by 25 years and has expanded to 4 branches already.

The in one case 12-seater oyster bar is at present a 300-seater restaurant that serves the famous crawfish, gumbo, shrimp cocktail, alligator tail, and oysters cooked the traditional Cajun way.

To consume Crawmama’due south famous crawfish and seafood, they are at 5002 Webb Villa, Guntersville, AL.

They get-go serving their famous crawfish and seafood from 4:xxx to 9 pm, but they are airtight from Dominicus to Wednesday.

Celebrate the Yuletide Season at Guntersville Festival of Copse

The Guntersville Festival of Copse happens from Nov to January as an early on Christmas commemoration at the Guntersville Museum.

What makes this festival a must-attend activity in the urban center is its Christmassy vibes from its 40 plus beautifully-decorated Christmas copse and wreaths from locals.

To see these Christmas trees and wreaths, they are at the Guntersville Museum.

Side events such every bit musical amusement and receptions happen regularly for the entire elapsing of the festival.

Most of the participants are from Guntersville’s community involving private collectors, organizations, and businesses.

Stroll Forth the Dusk Drive Trail

If you want to experience Alabama’southward scenic natural beauty, you should head to its trails.

One of the best trails to visit is the Sunset Drive Trail at the city’southward northern tip beside the Tennessee River.

From its name itself, the place is perfect for an afternoon hike while watching the fantastic dusk.

It has a paved trail that stretches for near four miles along the shoreline of the Tennessee River.

The trail passes by the Guntersville Farmer’south Market, sports facilities, recreation centers, and beach.

The trail is open 24 hours.

Buy Fresh Produce at the Guntersville Farmers’ Marketplace

To wrap up your Guntersville travel adventure, head to the Guntersville Farmers’ Market.

Information technology’s the perfect place to rub elbows with the locals while patronizing their skillful-quality fresh produce.

Farmers’ markets are e’er remarkable, considering you buy affordable products while supporting small businesses and local farmers.

Regardless of what y’all purchase there, you’re surely getting excellent quality products and food grown sustainably from local farms compared to commercially grown choices.

Guntersville Farmers’ Market is pretty much the same equally other farmers’ markets across the United States.

It has dozens of stalls ranging from food, vegetables, fruits, and specialty products that are locally sourced.

The Guntersville Farmers’ Market is open up from April to November.

Final Thoughts

Guntersville is the all-time case of southern town charm because of its food, civilization, and natural attractions.

Guntersville is a place that takes your travel experience to some other level.

The 15 things to do in Guntersville we’ve listed above guarantees you an incredible travel experience.

There are countless things to practise in Guntersville bated from our list waiting for yous to explore.

If you’re prepare to explore this city, make sure to bookmark this post if you want to have a blast.

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