Pembagian Sifat Jujur Menurut Imam Al Ghazali

Pembagian Sifat Jujur Menurut Imam Al Ghazali

Montgomery is 1 of the most important historic cities in the Usa.

It has been the scene of several watershed historical events.

The almost famous of these relate to Martin Luther King.

Also, the metropolis was the seat of the Offset White House of the Confederacy.

You lot can fourth dimension-travel into these exciting events by exploring the structures and artifacts related to them on your trip to Montgomery.

In addition, Montgomery has a rich cultural life with a thriving fine art scene.

It is host to the famous Alabama Shakespeare Festival and houses major art centers like the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

Further, the city has many natural attractions, parks, and an impressive zoo.

You lot would choose to skip this city from your holiday bucket list at your peril!

When you holiday to Montgomery, our list of the major sites and activities there volition help y’all plan meliorate while enjoying the maximum pleasure.

Rosa Parks Library and Museum

JNix /

Rosa Parks Library and Museum salute the backbone of Rosa Park for taking her historic stand in 1955 by occupying the site of that event, the Empire Theatre.

The museum is stocked with exciting exhibits.

You tin can also picket informative multi-media shows about the upshot and Rosa at the in-house 103-seater auditorium.

You tin can know in detail near the struggles of civil rights pioneers.

Some of the interesting artifacts in the six areas of the museum include a 1955 station wagon, a replica of the famous bus on which Rosa refused to vacate her seat for a white man, and rare documents from that period.

The museum is set up with a mission to pay tribute to Rosa and continue her legacy alive by preserving items related to the Montgomery Passenger vehicle Boycott.

Civil Rights Memorial Heart

Civil Rights Memorial Center
Michael Barera, CC By-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another Ceremonious Rights heritage site, the Civil Rights Memorial Middle pays homage to the 41 brave souls who sacrificed their lives for their crusade and racial equality between 1954 and 1968.

The exhibits in the centre relate to the issue and lives of these martyrs.

The 56-seat theater showcases real footage and dramatized versions of the events.

Educational activities are available in the classroom.

Finally, the 20 human foot by 40 pes Wall of Tolerance etches the names of more than half a 1000000 signatories who pledged to fight hate and prejudice.

Yous can also accredit to the pledge and they will inscribe your name on the Wall as well.

First White House of the Confederacy

First White House of the Confederacy
M. Etcheverry /

This magnificent Italian-styled mansion served as Jefferson Davis’ residence during his Presidency in 1861.

At that point in fourth dimension, Montgomery was the capital of the Confederacy.

The friendly Mrs.

Davis hosted many of her famous parties in this building itself.

Thus, the mansion was a thriving social hub back then.

Originally built near the Alabama River, the house occupied its present-twenty-four hour period location only in 1921.

At that time, public bodies restored information technology and opened information technology for public visits.

Many items from Mrs.

Davis’ original collection, including article of furniture and art pieces withal are in the business firm.

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You lot can catch a sneak peek into the lives of the First Family unit during the tense times of the Civil War era.

Montgomery Zoo

Chimpanzee napping at Montgomery Zoo
JNix /

Book your trip to dense South American jungles, African savannas, and Asian mountains all in one identify by visiting the thralling expanses of the Montgomery Zoo.

You can and so enjoy a broad diverseness of animals such as zebras, tigers, camels, and monkeys.

The zoo spreads over and a twoscore-acre area and is special for having no cages.

Animals roam here in the artificially created landscapes resembling their native habitats.

Lush green fields make full in the spaces between the habitats.

When tired from all the walking, you tin can stretch out and refresh yourself.

The zoo also offers a rare backside-the-scenes tour of the tiger habitats.

Dexter Parsonage Museum – Dr.Martin Luther King Habitation

Dexter Parsonage Museum
Chris Pruitt, CC By-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dexter Parsonage Museum occupies the business firm where Dr.Martin Luther Rex once lived with his family.

12 Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church pastors were this firm’s historic residents from 1920-1992.

They take restored the house into its class when PhysicianKing lived in it.

You can see PhysicianKing’south original furniture preserved to this twenty-four hour period.

The Interpretive Center located on the outside features impressive photographs of the 12 famous pastor-residents.

In addition, you can see the wisest quotes from the pastors carved on the Pastoral Wall.

Finally, there are rare pictures of MedicoMale monarch and other ministers from their days during the coach boycott.

Museum of Alabama

 Alabama Department of Archives and History works
Chris Pruitt, CC BY-SA iii.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Museum of Alabama occupies the same building where the Alabama Department of Athenaeum and History works.

You can catch exciting exhibits narrating Alabama’south rich history.

Some of these date from pre-historic times.

The nearly prominent brandish is The Land of Alabama which informs visitors about the country’s unique geology that impacted its history.

You can too learn virtually The First Alabamians and the history of the years of the Native American inhabitation.

For the more than recent history of the state, head over to the Alabama Voices.

This exhibit displays items related to the many events of historical importance in Alabama from the 1700s to the present times.

The Museum of Alabama is vast and its extensive collections boast of having more 800 items along with several images and letters.

Finally, they host rich multi-media presentations near many of these events, including the turf-wars, economical disputes related to the cotton wool trade, the Civil War, WWI, and WW Two, and the civil rights motility.

Alabama State Capitol

Alabama State Capitol
Susanne Pommer /

Alabama Country Capitol is a National Historic Landmark for being the birthplace and original seat of the Confederacy regime.

It currently serves as the seat of the state governor and loftier dignitaries from the executive wing.

Other notable historical events featuring the State Capital include the famous Selma march which culminated at this building.

The in-house museum amply depicts the edifice’s historical legacy with displays about its role in Alabama politics.

The building is an architectural marvel featuring rich elements of the Beaux-Arts motility along with the Greek Revival style.

The famous landscape creative person Frederick Law Olmsted advisedly manicured the beautiful grounds surrounding the main building.

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Incredible as it may seem, y’all can still see some of the trees he originally planted.

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
Shackleford Photography /

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is the oldest in Alabama dedicated to the arts.

Beautiful sculptures and paintings created by talented local artists adorn the museum’s galleries.

In addition, they feature exquisite artwork by renowned international artists also.

The American art section houses some of the best 41 paintings from artists of the land include well-known names such as Edward Hopper, John Vocalizer, Sargent, and Winslow Homer.

Classical works in the print by Onetime Masters section include paintings past legendary artists similar Durer, Rembrandt, and Whistler.

The museum too displays temporary exhibits from upcoming artists.

Kids can have a first-hand taste of fine arts in the in-house studio called ARTWORKS.

The Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

Tourist posing in front of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum
Michael Gordon /

F.Scott Fitzgerald was amidst the finest storytellers of the last century, while his adorable wide Zelda is known for founding the “Flapper Movement.

” Zelda spent her early on years in Montgomery and returned to the urban center after marriage in 1931.

The Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum is the only museum in the world that celebrates the life and achievements of this writer-socialite couple.

Information technology now occupies what in one case used to be the Fitzgerald residence.

Julian McPhillips was the visionary force behind this museum when he bought the house in 1986 and filled information technology with its rich drove.

You can explore exciting photos, letters, books, and memorabilia belonging to the Fitzgeralds.

Additionally, y’all can attend their many social events to have a healthy mix of entertainment and meaningful conversation.

Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium

Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium
JNix /

Take hold of a refreshing game of America’s favorite game at the Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium.

The Montgomery Biscuits are the dwelling team, and they play in the Southern League.

The surface area used to business firm a historic train station, simply at present the exquisite stadium tin can seat vii,000 spectators.

More than xx luxury suites are on offer for those looking for a special experience.

Engineering science also features in this well-maintained stadium its gigantic LED video board.

Hank Williams Museum

Hank Williams Museum
Michael Gordon /

Hank Williams entertained countless generations of state music lovers.

He rightfully earns the championship of the offset country music superstar helping kicking-start whole new genres, including blues, Rockabilly, and Rock and Scroll.

The Hank Williams Museum celebrates the life and music of this legendary artist-showman.

Sadly, Hank Williams left u.s.a. at the early historic period of 29 when he suffered heart failure in his blue Cadillac.

This blue Cadillac is the most prominent particular in the collection.

Additionally, you tin see many of his iconic suits, guitars, and much-loved ties.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park
Captainess_travels /

Riverfront Park is a popular hangout destination for locals in Montgomery.

Yous can hike and bike to your center’s fulfillment over the beautiful trails.

In that location are besides other fun activities on offer.

Carry forth with your lunch basket with friends and family, and enjoy a relaxing picnic.

Additionally, go kayaking on the glorious waters.

If y’all have the patience, put your angling line to business organization and hope for a large grab.

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Fifty-fifty art lovers tin can something for their gustation something in the concerts and plays staged at the Amphitheatre.

The Harriott Two Riverboat next welcomes you aboard for an exciting circuit into the river waters.

Onboard fun activities include dinner, dancing, and live shows.

Old Alabama Town

Old Alabama Town
Kristi Blokhin /

Travel back in time to the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian eras at the Onetime Alabama Boondocks.

You volition be able to see townhouses from the 19th century and 20th-century mansions, churches, and schools.

All the structures are restored into their current forms.

The rich artifacts depict scenes from plantation life and other early on pioneers.

More 50 old-historic period-styled buildings are present hither.

Freedom Rides Museum

Freedom Rides Museum
Michael Gordon /

The Freedom Rides Museum narrates the events of the Ceremonious Rights move with its rich displays and a timeline on the exterior wall.

Yous can accept a guided bout to learn about the famous omnibus ride and the last.

The gallery features representations of important incidents from the move with interesting interpretations.

W.A.Gayle Planetarium

W.A.Gayle Planetarium
CosmicThespian, CC BY-SA four.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Learn exciting facts about astronomy at the multimedia theater in the Due west.A.Gayle Planetarium.

The place is special for beingness the globe’s first full-colour single-lens planetarium.

Visitors tin have surreal experiences of outer infinite because of the cutting-edge audio-visual technology.

Yous tin have real-time updates about the Earth as they display satellite data nearly the planet’s oceans and state.

Governor’s Mansion

Gift shop at Governor’s Mansion
Kristi Blokhin /

The 107-twelvemonth old neo-classical Governor’s Mansion is the official residence of the country’s offset family unit.

The half-60 minutes-long guided tours accept the guests through the luxurious main floor and the beautiful grounds.

You lot are gifted with cookies for completing the tour at the in-house Souvenir Store.

Huntingdon College

Huntingdon College
Kristi Blokhin /

Yous can walk across the hallowed portals of the Huntingdon College at its beautiful Montgomery campus that dates back to 1908.

The famous Frederick Constabulary Olmsted whom we met on one of our items above also designed the landscapes for this prestigious college.

You can roam around the vast 70-acre campus while the primary building lets you know the wisdom of the college’s high ideals.

Montgomery Ballet

Savor some of the finest ballet performances with the Montgomery Ballet.

The professional visitor has been regaling the state residents with its exquisite performances since 1987.

Some of their best shows include “2 for Beloved” and “The Messiah”. You will find their outdoor operation of the Ballet and the Beasts at the Montgomery Zoo especially entertaining.

Montgomery is a highly sought-after holiday destination owing to its rich history.

It was a major center of the Civil Rights Moment and you can explore several sites related to information technology.

Additionally, it goes even further back as ane of the initial centers of American politics and the bloody Civil War.

The city too features many modern places for tourists of every gustatory modality to relish.

You lot can’t get much wrong by traveling to this delightful urban center.

We expect frontwards to hearing about your experiences on your trip!

Pembagian Sifat Jujur Menurut Imam Al Ghazali


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